Britt Burr, creative director

Britt Burr, alumna from McDaniel College and Kansas State University, is a Registered Drama Therapist (RDT) with The North American Drama Therapy Association. She is comfortable and competent working with various age groups and populations. She specializes in creating and implementing original pieces of theatre for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities and those on the autism spectrum, as well as teaching multiple workshops and classes geared towards and aided with expressive arts. Currently, Britt is receiving her PhD in Expressive Arts Therapies. 

Meet the Staff

Play. Express. Achieve.

Our people make the difference.

Barrier-Free's team of experienced volunteers are dedicated to providing award-winning service to our actors. We take the time to get to know you and your families because we believe that, in business, a personal approach is the best approach. We utilize each person's strengths ensuring each actor gets the successful outcome they deserve. We're proud that so many of our actors have repeatedly come back to Barrier-Free to participate in each season, and we always encourage newcomers to join in the fun! We are determined to work hard to earn your loyalty every day. We're here to help you succeed, feel loved, and to have fun. At Barrier-Free, we're not just a theatre company, we are family-- and we're always accepting new adoptees!

We love our interns. 

Every semester, Barrier-Free MD offers college-credit internships to McDaniel College undergraduates. We also work with other colleges and universities too! At the end of every 10-12 week internship, students are able to: demonstrate the proper classroom etiquette for adults with intellectual/developmental disabilities and autism, memorize extensive passages, movements, and lines in effort to aid performers on stage, and research, analyze, and synthesize a wide range of information for diverse audiences unfamiliar with autism and intellectual/developmental disabilities.

Interested in becoming an intern? Visit our "Get Involved" page, fill out our "Interest Form", and submit it. Then email your resume to 

Michael Eaton, self-advocate 

Michael (Mike) has been performing in Barrier-Free productions for over five years. He serves as a volunteer for individuals with intellectual/developmental disabilities and has also spoken on several disability panels on what it's like to be a person with autism. He's involved in a number of other disability groups around the Carroll County area including, but not limited to: Calm Acres, Disability Express, and Autism in Motion. He's very excited to have a larger role in Barrier-Free MD and commits himself to every event and show. 

Gary Jolbitado, staff volunteer

A 40-year story in the making: Gary began performing musicals and plays while in private school. 
Fast-forwarding forty years, his sister-in-law, a former Barrier-Free volunteer, asked him to understudy for an actor. Notified in the 11th hour, Gary only had 3 hours to learn lines and blocking. Well, needless to say, it was a hit! At that point, Gary realized his life was missing something – theatre. But, more precisely, helping these very talented people reach their true potential. Since then, Gary's been performing for three years straight. And when it was announced two years ago that there would not be any classes during the summer, Gary organized an improv group at a local park and thus "Improv-in-Park", our summer programming, was born. This 8-week program was such success, it was extended until the end of the summer and continues on today! 

In 2006, Gary was blessed with a son with autism. He can’t say how much working with Barrier-Free MD has helped him better understand what his son goes through. It has also made their relationship much closer. 

You can keep Hollywood or New York! Gary would rather preform with these talented super-stars any day!