What is Barrier-Free


Sally Bailey, founder

The Barrier-Free Theatre Model was founded by Sally Bailey, RDT/BCT, MSW, MFA, & Professor at Kansas State University, and is used with extensive training and permission.

Play. Express. Achieve.

Barrier-Free is an all-inclusive theatre company that comes together to create original one-act plays.

At the beginning of the rehearsal process we play a series of improvisational exercises and drama games. After several rehearsals together, we start to notice that certain themes and plots are arising. From there, we add settings, characters, and conflicts. When pieced together, they formulate a short story. That story is then translated to script to be rehearsed and performed. The Barrier-Free Theatre Model hones social skills, creative thinking, group collaboration, and self-esteem. These key skills are then transferrable to other areas of life such as: employment, school, professional and personal relationships.